Eastern Buddhist Voices series

In commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the journal The Eastern Buddhist in 1921, the Eastern Buddhist Society has undertaken a project to collect by theme past articles from issues that are difficult to obtain and republish them in a five-volume anthology under the editorship of Michael Pye (Professor of Religious Studies, the University of Marburg, retired; formerly president of the International Association for the History of Religions).

As of now (2013), the first three volumes have been published, and the remaining two are scheduled for publication in the near future.

How to purchase

The series' volumes may be purchased directly through the publisher, Equinox Publishing, or through Amazon online stores, such as Amazon.com and Amazon.co.jp (see below for links). Please note that each book exists in both hardcover and paperback versions, which are priced differently.

To contact the publisher. please use the following information:
Equinox Publishing Ltd
Unit S3, Kelham House, 3 Lancaster Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S3 8AF, UK
Phone/Fax: +44 (0) 114-272-5957

Details by volume

The following list contains the volume titles with links to detailed content information on the Equinox Publishing homepage, as well as to the relevant pages on Amazon.com (in case you wish to purchase through Amazon Japan, please use the links on the Japanese version of this page, or enter the English titles into the search window on Amazon.co.jp.)

Volume 1
Beyond Meditation: Expressions of Japanese Shin Buddhist Spirituality

Volume 2
Listening to Shin Buddhism: Starting Points of Modern Dialogue

Volume 3
Interactions with Japanese Buddhism: Explorations and Viewpoints in Twentieth-Century Kyōto

Volume 4
Buddhist Temples of Kyōto and Kamakura

Volume 5
Lay Buddhism and Spirituality: From Vimalakirti to the Nenbutsu Masters

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