New Series (1965-2000) Index

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Title Category Page no.
NS01-1 1965
1921 and 1965 Editorial 1-4
NS01-1 1965 Daisetz T. Suzuki On The Hekigan Roku ("Blue Cliff Records") Article 5-21
NS01-1 1965 Shin'ichi Hisamatsu Zen: Its Meaning for Modern Civilization Article 22-47
NS01-1 1965 Daiei Kaneko The Meaning of Salvation in the Doctrine of Pure Land Buddhism Article 48-63
NS01-1 1965 Ryōjin Soga Dharmākara Bodhisattva Article
NS01-1 1965 Keiji Nishitani
Science and Zen Article
NS01-1 1965 Masao Abe Christianity and the Encounter of the World Religions Review Article 109-122
NS01-1 1965 D. T. Suzuki A Histry of Zen Buddhism by Heinrich Dumoulin Book Review 123-126
NS01-1 1965 Hiroshi Sakamoto Zen in Westlicher by Ernest Benz Book Review 126-132
NS01-1 1965
Reginald Horace Blyth (1898-1964): John Ronald Brinklry (1887-1964): Ryusaku Tsunoda (1877-1964) Notes (Obituary) 133-142
NS01-2 1966 Keiji Nishitani The Awakening of Self in Buddhism Article 1-11
NS01-2 1966 Daisetz T. Suzuki The Hekigan Roku "Case Two" Translation 12-20
NS01-2 1966 Shin'ichi Hisamatsu On Zen Art Article 21-33
NS01-2 1966 Susumu Yamaguchi The Concept of the Pure Land in Nāgārjuna's Doctrine Article 34-47
NS01-2 1966 Martin Heidegger Two Addresses: Ansprache zum Heimatabend and Uber Abraham a Santa Clara (Preliminary Remarks by Keiji Nishitani) Article
NS01-2 1966 Christmas Humphreys Some Observations on Zen Buddhism for the West Views & Reviews 78-83
NS01-2 1966 Teresina R. Haven Gotama's Early Psychological Experimentation Views & Reviews 84-90
NS01-2 1966 Winston L. King East-West Religious Communication Views & Reviews 91-110
NS01-2 1966 Shōjun Bandō Japanese-English Buddhist Dictionary (Daito Publishing Company 1965) Book Review 111-112
NS01-2 1966 Hajime Sakurabe Madhyantavibhāga-Bhāṣa: A Buddhist Philosophical Treatise Edited for the First Time from a Sanskrit Manuscript by Gajin M. Nagao Book Review 111-127
NS01-2 1966 Hajime Sakurabe Sukhavatīvyūha Ed. by Atsuuji Ashikaga Book Review 111-127
NS01-2 1966 Senryū Mano (trans. by Yushu Ota) Eon Kenkyu (Studies on Hui-Yuan), ed. by Eiichi Kimura Book Review 113-116
NS01-2 1966 Koichi Tsujimura Die Gottesgeburt in der Seele und der Durchbruch zur Gottheit. Von Shizuteru Ueda Book Review 117-125
NS01-2 1966 Masao Abe In Memory of Dr. Paul Tillich Notes 128-130
NS01-2 1966 Hajime Sakurabe A Brief Survey of Buddhist Studies in Post-War Japan Notes 131-139
NS02-1 1967 Thomas Merton The Man and His Work: D. T. Suzuki Memorial Article 3-9
NS02-1 1967 Bernard Leach Suzuki Daisetz Article 169
NS02-1 1967 Richard A. Gard To Dr. Daisetz Teitro Suzuki Article 189
NS02-1 1967 Charles A. Moore The Man and the Scholar: Suzuki Article 10-18
NS02-1 1967 Herbert Read Zen and Art: Suzuki Article 19-28
NS02-1 1967 Shin'ichi Hisamatsu Mondo: At the Death of a "Great-Death-Man" Article 29-34
NS02-1 1967 Hiroshi Sakamoto A Unique Interpreter of Zen Article 35-53
NS02-1 1967 Masao Abe Zen and Compassion Article 54-68
NS02-1 1967 Richard Demartino On My First Coming to Meet Dr. Suzuki Article 69-74
NS02-1 1967 Somei Tsuji The Man of Zen Article 75-76
NS02-1 1967 Zyoiti Suetuna In the Field of Kegon Article 77-81
NS02-1 1967 Paul J. Braisted Sensei and Friend Article 82-83
NS02-1 1967 Edward Conze A Personal Tribute Article 84-85
NS02-1 1967 Erich Fromm Memories of Dr. Suzuki Article 86-89
NS02-1 1967 Akihisa Kondō The Stone Bridge of Joshu Article 90-98
NS02-1 1967 Sōhaku Kobori The Enlightened Thought Article 99-109
NS02-1 1967 Ernest Bentz In Memoriam Article 110-115
NS02-1 1967 Shōkin Furuta Daisetz T. Suzuki Article 116-123
NS02-1 1967 Alan Watts The "Mindless" Scholar Article 124-127
NS02-1 1967 Charles Morris A Tribute Article 128-129
NS02-1 1967 Wilhelm Gundert A Sower of Seeds Article 130-136
NS02-1 1967 Shōjun Bandō D. T. Suzuki's Life in La Salle Article 137-146
NS02-1 1967 Ryōjin Soga In Memory of Dr. D. T. Suzuki Reminiscences 147-148
NS02-1 1967 Daiei Kaneko Reminiscences of D. T. Suzuki Reminiscences 148-149
NS02-1 1967 Huston Smith D. T. Suzuki: Some Memories Reminiscences 150-152
NS02-1 1967 Heinrich Dumoulin, S. J. Meetings with Daisetz Suzuki Reminiscences 153-156
NS02-1 1967 Zenkei Shibayama The Tark of the Flower Reminiscences 157-159
NS02-1 1967 Kosho Ōtani In Memory of D. T. Suzuki Reminiscences 160-164
NS02-1 1967 Ryōichirō Narahara Suzuki, the Teacher Reminiscences 165-168
NS02-1 1967 Karl Fredrik Almqvist In Memoriam Reminiscences 170-171
NS02-1 1967 Eva Van Hoboken The Smile Reminiscences 172-176
NS02-1 1967 John C. H. Wu My Reminiscences Reminiscences 177-182
NS02-1 1967 Jeannette Speiden Griggs Recollections 1950 to 1961 Reminiscences 183-186
NS02-1 1967 Douglas V. Steere A Travel Letter Reminiscences 187-188
NS02-1 1967 Margaret J. Rioch Memories of Dr. Daisetz Suzuki Reminiscences 190-192TD>
NS02-1 1967 Jikai Fujiyoshi Daisetz Suzuki and Shin'ichi Hisamatsu Reminiscences 193-197
NS02-1 1967 A. W. Sadler In Remembrance of D. T. Suzuki Reminiscences 198-199
NS02-1 1967 Lunsford P. Yandell Death: The Moon Sailing Reminiscences 200-207
NS02-1 1967
Chronology: D. T. Suzuki Chronology 208-215
NS02-1 1967
Bibliography: D. T. Suzuki Bibliography 216-229
NS02-2 1969 Yūkei Matsunaga Tāntric Buddhism and Shingon Buddhism Article 1-14
NS02-2 1969 Masao Abe God, Emptiness, and the True Self Article 15-30
NS02-2 1969 Harold L. Parsons The Value of Gautama Buddha for the Modern World Article 31-70
NS02-2 1969 Keiji Nishitani On the I-Thou Relation in Zen Buddhism Article 71-87
NS02-2 1969 N. A. Waddell A Selection from the Ts'ai Ken T'an (Vegetable-Root Discourses) Translation 88-98
NS02-2 1969 Kōshirō Tamaki An Evaluation of Dr. Suzuki Views & Reviews 99-110
NS02-2 1969 D. H. Bishop Buddhist and Western Views of the Self Views & Reviews 111-123
NS02-2 1969 Robert Aitken, and Jack Austin Replies to Mr. Christmas Humphreys Notes 124-128
NS02-2 1969 Irmgard Schloegl My Memory of Ruth Fuller Sasaki Notes 129-130
NS03-1 1970 Keiji Nishitani The Personal and the Impersonal in Religion Article 1-18
NS03-1 1970 Kitarō Nishida Towards Philosophy of Religion with the Concept of Pre-Established Harmony as Guide Article 19-46
NS03-1 1970 Margaret H. Dornish Aspects of D. T. Suzuki's Early Interpretations of Buddhism and Zen Article 47-66
NS03-1 1970 Martba Boyer & Jikai Fujiyoshi Omizutori, One of Japan's Oldest Buddhist Ceremonies Article 67-96
NS03-1 1970 A. W. Sadler Engaku-ji and Kenchō-ji: Reflections on the Social Morphology of Two Kamakura Temples Article 97-108
NS03-1 1970
A Dialogue between D. T. Suzuki & Rev. T. N. Callaway Dialogue 109-122
NS03-1 1970 Torei Enji,
trans. by Sōhaku Kobori and Norman Waddell
The Life of Shidō Munan Zenji Translation 123-140
NS03-1 1970 William Johnston S. F. Buddhists and Chiristians Meet Views & Reviews 141-146
NS03-1 1970 Archie J. Bahm How Can Buddhism Become a Universal Religion? Views & Reviews 147-152
NS03-1 1970 Kenneth K. Inada Emptiness : A Study in Religious Meaning by Frederick J. Streng Book Review 153-155
NS03-1 1970 Mitsutoshi Saigusa Nāgārjuna's Philosophy by K. Venkata Ramanan Book Review 156-159
NS03-1 1970 N. A. Waddell Zen Painting by Yasuichi Awakawa Book Review 157-158
NS03-1 1970 J. S. Edgren In the Tracks of Buddhism by Frithjof Schuon Book Review 161-161
NS03-1 1970 Shōjun Bandō On Indian Mahāyāna Buddhism by D. T. Suzuki Book Review 162-162
NS03-2 1970 Suzuki Daisetz Self the Unattainable Article 1-8
NS03-2 1970 Hisamatsu Shin'ichi The Nature of Sadō Culture Article 9-19
NS03-2 1970 Allan A. Andrews Nembutsu in the Chinese Pure Land Tradition Article 20-45
NS03-2 1970 Stanley Romaine Hopper The "Eclipse of God" and Existential Mistrust Article 46-70
NS03-2 1970 Nishitani Keiji The Personal and the Impersonal in Religion (concluded) Article 71-88
NS03-2 1970 Shido Munan Zenji
Trans. by Kobori Sōhaku & Norman A . Waddell
Sokushin-ki Translation 89-118
NS03-2 1970 John Blofeld The Northern Frontiers of the Buddhist World Views & Reviews 119-122
NS03-2 1970 Bandō Shōjun Travels in Mongolia Views & Reviews 123-127
NS03-2 1970 Dana R. Fraser Zen Diary Viewed by a Student of Rinzai Zen Views & Reviews 128-130
NS03-2 1970 Winston L. King A Rejoinder to Professor Bahm Views & Reviews 131-132
NS03-2 1970 Sakamoto Hiroshi & Nagasaki Hōjun Thirty Years of Buddhist Studies by Edward Conze Book Review 133-135
NS03-2 1970 Kajiyama Yūichi Studien zum Mahāprajñāpāramitā-(upadeśa) śāstra by Saigusa Mitsuyoshi Book Review 136-141
NS03-2 1970 Kenneth K. Inada Early Madhyāmika in India and China by Richard H. Robinson Book Review
NS03-2 1970
The Complete Works of Suzuki Daisetz Notes 146-148
NS04-1 1971
Editorial (50th Anniversary Special Edition 1921-1971) Editorial 1-12
NS04-1 1971 Suzuki Daisetz What is the "I" ? Article 13-27
NS04-1 1971 Abe Masao Dōgen on Buddha Nature Article 28-71
NS04-1 1971 Bandō Shōjun Shinran's Indebtedness to T'an-luan Article 72-87
NS04-1 1971 Watsuji Tetsurō
Translated by Hirano Umeyo
Japanese Literary Arts and Buddhist Philosophy Article 88-115
NS04-1 1971 Shido Munan Zenji
Trans. by Kobori Sōhaku & Norman A . Waddell
Sokushin-ki (2) Translation 116-123
NS04-1 1971 Trans. by Norman Waddell and Abe Masao Dōgen's Bendōwa, Translated with Introduction Translation 124-157
NS04-1 1971 Thomas J. J. Altizer A Response to Stanley Romaine Hopper Views & Reviews 158-161
NS04-1 1971 Maurice Friedman Dialectical Faith Versus Dialogical Trust Views & Reviews 162-170
NS04-1 1971 Gabriel Vahanian The Radical Otherness of God Views & Reviews 171-174
NS04-1 1971 Mori Sodō K. N. Jayatilleke, 1920-1970 Notes (Obituary) 175-176
NS04-1 1971 Bandō Shōjun Nagai Makoto, 1881-1970 Notes (Obituary) 177-179
NS04-1 1971 Kajiyama Yūichi Richard Hugh Robinson, 1926-1970 Notes (Obituary) 180-182
NS04-1 1971 Bandō Shōjun The Buddhist Religion : A Historical Introduction by Richard H. Robinson Book Review 182-183
NS04-2 1971 Suzuki Daisetz (Posthumous) Infinite Light Article 1-29
NS04-2 1971 Nishitani Keiji
Trans. by Yamamoto Seisaku
Nihilism and Śūnyatā Article 30-49
NS04-2 1971 Allan A. Andrews The Essentials of Salvation: A Study of Genshin's Ōjōyōshū Article 50-88
NS04-2 1971 Paul Tillich & Hisamatsu Shin'ichi Dialogues, East and West: Paul Tillich & Hisamatsu Shin'ichi (Part One) Dialogue 89-107
NS04-2 1971 Norman Waddell and Abe Masao "One Bright Pearl," Dōgen's Shōbōgenzō Ikka Myōju Translation 108-118
NS04-2 1971 Shido Munan Zenji
Trans. by Kobori Sōhaku & Norman A . Waddell
Sokushin-ki (concluded) Translation
NS04-2 1971 Suzuki Daisetz ("Drugs and Buddhism" : A Symposium) Religions and Drugs Views & Reviews 128-133
NS04-2 1971 Alan Watts ("Drugs and Buddhism" : A Symposium) "Ordinary Mind is the Way" Views & Reviews 134-137
NS04-2 1971 Ray Jordan ("Drugs and Buddhism" : A Symposium) Phychedelics and Zen: Some Reflections Views & Reviews 138-140
NS04-2 1971 Robert Aitken ("Drugs and Buddhism" : A Symposium) LSD and the New American Zen Student Views & Reviews 141-144
NS04-2 1971 Richard Leavitt ("Drugs and Buddhism" : A Symposium) Experiences Gradual and Sudden, and Getting Rid of Them Views & Reviews 145-148
NS04-2 1971 Ueda Shizuteru ("Drugs and Buddhism" : A Symposium) The LSD Experience and Zen Views & Reviews 149-152
NS05-1 1972 Suzuki Daisetz (Posthumous) The Seer and the Seen Article 1-25
NS05-1 1972 M. Conrad Hyers The Comic Perspective in Zen Literature and Art Article 26-46
NS05-1 1972 Watsuji Tetsurō The Reception of Buddhism during the Suiko Period Article 47-54
NS05-1 1972 Nishitani Keiji Nihilism and Śūnyatā (Continued) Article 55-69
NS05-1 1972 Norman Waddell and Abe Masao Dōgen's Shōbōgenzō, Zenki & Shōji Translation 70-80
NS05-1 1972 Winston and Jocelyn King and Tokiwa Gishin The Fourth Letter from Hakuin's Orategama Translation 81-114
NS05-1 1972 Alfred Bloom Buddhism, Nature, and the Environment Views & Reviews 115-129
NS05-1 1972 William J. H. Collins The Middle Way in Clear Words Views & Reviews 130-138
NS05-1 1972 Huston Smith Field of Zen by Daisetz Teitarō Suzuki
Shin Buddhism by D. T. Suzuki
Book Review 139-145
NS05-1 1972 Kenneth Inada Zen and Fine Arts by Hisamatsu Shin'ichi Book Review 146-148
NS05-1 1972 Tamaki Kōshirō A Primer of Sōtō Zen by Matsunaga Reiho Book Review 149-151
NS05-1 1972 Sakurabe Hajime L'Enseignement de Vimalakīrti (Vimalakīrtinirdeśa) and
La Concentration de la Marche heoiue (Śūramgamasamādhisūtra) by Etienne Lamotte
Book Review 152-154
NS05-1 1972 Fujiyoshi Jikai Buddhadāsa: Toward the Truth Ed. by Donald K. Swearer Book Review 155-158
NS05-1 1972 Ueda Shizuteru Willhelm Gundert, 1880-1971 Notes 159-162
NS05-2 1972 Suzuki Daisetz (Posthumous) What is Shin Buddhism? Article 1-11
NS05-2 1972 Nolan Pliny Jacobson Buddhist Elements in the Coming World Civilization Article 12-43
NS05-2 1972 Mori Mikisaburō Chuang Tzu and Buddhism Article 44-69
NS05-2 1972 Yanagida Seizan The Life of Lin-chi I-hsun Article 70-94
NS05-2 1972 Nishitani Keiji Nihilism and Śūnyatā (concluded) Article 95-106
NS05-2 1972 Paul Tillich & Hisamatsu Shin'ichi Dialogues, East and West: Paul Tillich & Hisamatsu Shin'ichi (Part Two) Dialogue 107-128
NS05-2 1972 Norman Waddell and Abe Masao Shōbōgenzō Genjōkōan Translation 129-140
NS05-2 1972 Kiyozawa Manshi
Trans. by Bandō Shōjun
The Great Path of Absolute Other Power & My Faith Translation 141-152
NS05-2 1972 Chang Chung-Yuan Pre-Rational Harmony in Heidegger's Essential Thinking and Ch'an Thought Views & Reviews 153-170
NS05-2 1972 Naitō Shirō Yeats and Zen Buddhism Views & Reviews 171-178
NS05-2 1972 Frederick Franck Sengai, The Zen Master by D. T. Suzuki Book Review 179-181
NS05-2 1972 Hubert Durt Art in Japanese Esoteric Buddhism by Sawa Takaaki Book Review 182-184
NS05-2 1972 William J. H. Collins Mudra by Chogyam Trungpa Book Review 185-186
NS05-2 1972 N. A. Waddell Les Maitres du Zen au Japon by Shibata Masumi Book Review 186-187
NS05-2 1972 Bandō Shōjun What is Zen? by D. T. Suzuki Book Review 188-189
NS05-2 1972
Recent Publications on Zen in france: Suzuki Shunryu, 1904-1971: Baker Rōshi's Statement at Suzuki Rōshi's Funeral Notes 190-194
NS06-1 1973 Suzuki Daisetz A Preface to the Kyōgyōshinshō (unfinished) Article 1-24
NS06-1 1973 Nagao Gadjin On the Theory of Buddha-body Article 25-53
NS06-1 1973 Iriya Yoshitaka Chinese Poetry and Zen Article 54-67
NS06-1 1973 Nishitani Keiji The Standpoint of Śūnyatā Article 68-91
NS06-1 1973 Suzuki Daisetz & Ueda Shizuteru The Sayings of Rinzai, A Conversation between Suzuki Daisetz & Ueda Shizuteru Article 92-110
NS06-1 1973 R. H. Blyth Ikkyū's Skeletons Translation 111-125
NS06-1 1973 Leo Pruden The Ching-t'u Shih-i-lun (Ten Doubts Concerning the Pure Land) Translation 126-157
NS06-1 1973 A. W. Sadler Thoughts on Kawabata's Meijin Views & Reviews 158-160
NS06-1 1973
The English Translation of Shinran's Kyōgyōshinshō Notes 161-162
NS06-2 1973 Suzuki Daisetz (Posthumous) Ummon on Time Article 1-13
NS06-2 1973 Abe Masao Zen and Nietzche Article 14-32
NS06-2 1973 Yanagi Soetsu Ippen Shōnin Article 33-57
NS06-2 1973 Nishitani Keiji The Standpoint of Śūnyatā Article 58-86
NS06-2 1973 Paul Tillich & Hisamatsu Shin'ichi Dialogues, East and West: Paul Tillich & Hisamatsu Shin'ichi (Part Three) Dialogue 87-114
NS06-2 1973 Norman Waddell and Abe Masao Fukanzazengi and Shōbōgenzō Zazengi Dōgen Kigen Translation 115-128
NS06-2 1973 Norman Waddell The Zen Sermons of Bankei Yōtaku Translation 129-151
NS06-2 1973 Sakamoto Hiroshi The Zen Master Hakuin by Philip Yampolsky Book Review 152-153
NS06-2 1973 Arthur Lederman and Patricia Bjaaland The Wheel of Life by John Blofeld Book Review 154-156
NS06-2 1973 Nagao Gadjin The Vimalakīrti-Nirdeśa Sūtra by Charles Luk Book Review 157-161
NS06-2 1973
Ogata Sōhaku, 1901-1973:
G. P. Malalasekera, 1899-1973
Notes 162-168
NS07-1 1974 Suzuki Daisetz Zen Buddhism and a Commonsense World Article 1-18
NS07-1 1974 Tsukamoto Zenryū Buddhism in the Asuka-Nara Period Article 19-36
NS07-1 1974 Bandō Shōjun Myōe's Criticism of Hōnen's Doctrine Article 37-54
NS07-1 1974 J. W. de Jong A Brief Histiry of Buddhist Studies in Europe and America Article 55-106
NS07-1 1974 Del Langbauer One Cornered Future? Views & Reviews 107-117
NS07-1 1974 Norman Waddell and Abe Masao The King of Samadhis Samadhi, Dōgen's Shōbōgenzō Sammai-Ō-Zammai Translation 118-123
NS07-1 1974 Norman Waddell The Zen Sermons of Bankei Yōtaku (Part II) Translation 124-141
NS07-1 1974
Alan Watts, 1915-1973
Yasutani Hakuun Rōshi, 1885-1973
Notes 142-152
NS07-2 1974 Suzuki Daisetz The Buddhist Conception of Reality Article 1-21
NS07-2 1974 Edward Conze The Intermediary World Article 22-31
NS07-2 1974 Tu Wei-ming An Inquiry into Wang Yang-ming's Four-Sentence Teaching Article 32-48
NS07-2 1974 J. W. de Jong A Brief Hiatory of Buddhist Studies in Europe and America (Part II) Article 49-82
NS07-2 1974 Norman Waddell The Zen Sermons of Bankei Yōtaku (Part III) Translation 83-107
NS07-2 1974 Yamada Koun The Stature of Yasutani Hakuun Rōshi Views & Reviews 108-120
NS07-2 1974 A. W. Sadler The Complete Alan Watts Views & Reviews 121-127
NS07-2 1974 Frederick Franck Zen Art for Meditation by Stewart Holmes and Chimyo Horioka Book Review 128-129
NS07-2 1974 Kawasaki Shinjo Kukai: Major Works by Yoshito Hakeda Book Review 129-132
NS08-1 1975 Suzuki Daisetz Zen and Psychology Article 1-11
NS08-1 1975 Hisamatsu Shin'ichi Ultimate Crisis and Resurrection Article 12-29
NS08-1 1975 Lewis R. Lancaster The Oldest Mahāyāna Sūtra: Its Significance for the Study of Buddhist Development Article 30-41
NS08-1 1975 Yi Tao-t'ien The Records of the Life of Ch'an Master Pai-chang Huai-hai Translation 42-73
NS08-1 1975 Leo Pruden A Short Essay on the Pure Land by Dharma Master T'an-luan Translation 74-95
NS08-1 1975 Kusumita Priscella Pedersen Jishō-ki by Shidō Munan Translation 96-132
NS08-1 1975 Robert E. Allinson The Buddhist Theory of Instantaneous Being: The Ur-Concept of Buddhism Views & Reviews 133-148
NS08-1 1975 Kudo Sumiko Shibayama Zenkei, 1904-1974 Notes 149-154
NS08-2 1975 Suzuki Daisetz Reality is Act Article 1-6
NS08-2 1975 Nolan Pliny Jacobson Whitehead and Buddhism on the Art of Living Article 7-36
NS08-2 1975 Hisamatsu Shin'ichi Ultimate Crisis and Resurrection (Part II) Article 37-65
NS08-2 1975 Tsukamoto Zenryū, Shibayama Zenkei, & Nishitani Keiji DIALOGUE: Chinese Zen Dialogue 66-93
NS08-2 1975 Norman Waddell & Abe Masao Dōgen's Shōbōgenzō Buddha-nature (Part I) Translation 94-112
NS08-2 1975 Norman Waddell A Selection from Bankei's Zen Dialogues Translation 113-129
NS08-2 1975 Frederick Franck Angelus Silesius 1624-1677, A Bridge between East and West? Views & Reviews 130-142
NS08-2 1975 Valdo H. Viglielmo The Concept of Nature in the Works of Natsume Sōseki Views & Reviews 143-153
NS08-2 1975 J. W. de Jong Myōhō-renge-kyō. The Sutra of the Lotus Flower of the Wonderful Law Translated by Bunnō Katō. Revised by W. E. Soothill & Wilhelm Schiffer
The Sutra of the Lotus Flower of the Wonderful Law Translated by Senchu Murano

Book Review 154-158
NS08-2 1975 Frederick Franck Zen and the Cosmic Spirit by Conrad Hyers Book Review 159-160
NS08-2 1975 Sakamoto Hiroshi An Outline of Principal Methods of Meditation Translated by Sujitkumar Mukhopadhyaya Book Review 161-163
NS08-2 1975 Alfred Bloom Collected Writings on Shin Buddhism and
The Kyōgyōshinshō by Daisetz Teitarō Suzuki
Book Review 163-169
NS09-1 1976 D. T. Suzuki Dōgen, Hakuin, Bankei: Three Types of Thought in Japanese Zen Article 1-17
NS09-1 1976 Yanagi Soetsu The Pure Land of Beauty Article 18-41
NS09-1 1976 Nishitani Keiji Emptiness and Time Article 42-71
NS09-1 1976 David W. Chappell Introduction to the "T'ien-t'ai ssu-chiao-i" Article 72-86
NS09-1 1976 Norman Waddell and Abe Masao Dōgen's Shōbōgenzō Buddha-nature (II) Translation 87-105
NS09-1 1976 Kadowaki Kakichi Introducing Zazen into Christian Spirituality Views & Reviews 106-121
NS09-1 1976 Ueda Shizuteru A Response to Rev. Kadowaki Views & Reviews 122-123
NS09-1 1976 Alexander Eliot Zen and the Art of What? Views & Reviews 124-130
NS09-1 1976 J. W. de Jong Bukkyō-go Daijiten by Nakamura Hajime Book Review 131-134
NS09-1 1976 Takasaki Jikido The Lion's Roar of Queen Śrimālā Translated by Alex and Hideko Wayman Book Review 135-138
NS09-1 1976 Nagao Gadjin The Short Prajñāpāramitā Texts Translated by Edward Conze Book Review 139-142
NS09-2 1976 D. T. Suzuki Dōgen, Hakuin, Bankei: Three Types of Thought in Japanese Zen (II) Article 1-20
NS09-2 1976 Fritz Buri The Concept of Grace in Paul, Shinran, and Luther Article 21-42
NS09-2 1976 Nolan Pliny Jacobson Creativity in the Buddhist Perspective Article 43-62
NS09-2 1976 Abe Masao Education in Zen Article 63-70
NS09-2 1976 Norman Waddell and Abe Masao Dōgen's Shōbōgenzō Buddha-nature (II) Translation 71-87
NS09-2 1976 Dennis Hirota Ichigon Hōdan (I) Translation 88-106
NS09-2 1976 Joan Stambaugh Time-Being: East and West Review Article 107-114
NS09-2 1976 Dorothea Watanabe Dauer Richard Wagner and Buddhism Views & Reviews 115-128
NS09-2 1976 Arvind Sharma A Note on the Use of the Word Hīnayana in the Teaching of Buddhism Views & Reviews 129-133
NS09-2 1976 J. W. de Jong The Mahāyāna Mahāparinirvāṇā-sūtra Translated by Koshō Yamamoto Book Review 134-136
NS09-2 1976 Michel Strickmann Exploring Mysticism by Frits Staal Book Review 137-140
NS09-2 1976 Fukushima Kosai Muryōgi-kyō and Kanfugen-gyō
Translated by Yoshirō Tamura and Kōjirō Miyasaka
Book Review 141-143
NS10-1 1977 Hisamatsu Shim'ichi Zen as the Negation of Holiness Article 1-12
NS10-1 1977
Kaneko Daiei, 1881-1976 (by Bandō Shōjun):
Yamaguchi Susumu, 1895-1976 (by Nagao Gadjin)
Notes (Obituary) 162-
NS10-1 1977 Iwamoto Yasunami The Salvation of the Unsaveable Article 13-34
NS10-1 1977 Richard B. Pilgrim The Religio-aesthetic of Matsuo Bashō Article 35-53
NS10-1 1977 Sakamoto Hiroshi D. T. Suzuki and Mysticism Article 54-67
NS10-1 1977 T. P. Kasulis Zen Buddhism, Freud, and Jung Article 68-91
NS10-1 1977 Dennis Hirota Ichigon Hōdan (II) Translation 92-110
NS10-1 1977 Alfred Bloom Shinran's Vision of Absolute Compassion Views & Reviews 111-123
NS10-1 1977 Higashi Sen'ichiro Dōgen Kigen : Mystical Realist Views & Reviews 124-127
NS10-1 1977 Michel Strickmann A Survey of Tibetan Buddhist Studies Review Article 128-149
NS10-1 1977 Chun-fang Yu Folk Buddhist Religion: Dissenting Sects in Late Traditional China by Daniel L. Overmyer Book Review 150-155
NS10-1 1977 Michel Strickmann Political Propaganda and Ideology into the Nature, Authors, and Function of the Tunhuang Document S. 6502. By Antonino Forte Book Review 156-160
NS10-1 1977 Michel Strickmann Tibetan Sacred Art by Detlef Ingo Lauf Book Review 161-162
NS10-2 1977 Nishitani Keiji Emptiness and Time Article 1-30
NS10-2 1977 Marco Pallis Article 31-48
NS10-2 1977 Neal Donner The Mahāyānization of the Chinese Dhyāna Tradition Article 49-64
NS10-2 1977 John Steffney Non-being-Being versus the Non-being of Being: Heidegger's Ontological Difference with Zen Buddhism Article 65-75
NS10-2 1977 Karaki Junzo, Osaka Koryu, & Haga Kōshirō Symposium: Japanese Zen Article 76-101
NS10-2 1977 Norman Waddell Dōgen's Hōkyō-ki (I) Translation 102-139
NS10-2 1977 Huston Smith Four Theological Negotiables: Gleanings from Daisetz Suzuki's Posthumous Volumes on Shin Buddhism Views & Reviews 140-154
NS10-2 1977 Miyuki Mokusen The Psychodynamics of Buddhist Meditation: A Jungian Perspective Views & Reviews 155-168
NS10-2 1977 J. W. de Jong Scripture of the Lotus Blossom of the Fine Dharma (The Lotus Sutra). Translated from the Chinese version of Kumarajiva by Leon Hurvitz Book Review 169-174
NS11-1 1978 Suzuki Daisetz Zen Hyakudai "One Hundred Zen Topics" (I) Article 1-12
NS11-1 1978 Nishitani Keiji The Problem of Time in Shinran Article 13-26
NS11-1 1978 Ōchō Enichi From the Lotus Sutra to the Sutra of Eternal Life: Reflections on the Process of Deliverance in Shinran Article 27-36
NS11-1 1978 Robert Zeuschner The Meaning of Hīnayāna in Northern Ch'an Article 37-49
NS11-1 1978 Dennis Hirota The Record of Ippen: Letters Translation 50-65
NS11-1 1978 Noman Waddell Dōgen's Hōkyō-ki (II) Translation 66-84
NS11-1 1978 Alfred Bloom Shinran's Way in the Modern World Views & Reviews 85-97
NS11-1 1978 Frederick Franck Sea Change: An Emerging Image of the Human Views & Reviews 98-108
NS11-1 1978 Nagao Gadjin The Holy Teaching of Vimalakīrti : A Mahāyāna Scripture Translated by Robert A. F. Thurman; and The Teaching of Vimalakīrti by Etienne Lamotte Book Review 109-111
NS11-1 1978 Harold Stewart Pure Land Buddhist Painting by Jōji Okazaki Book Review 112-113
NS11-2 1978 Suzuki Daisetz Zen Hyakudai "One Hundred Zen Topics" (II) Article 1-11
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Le couer de la loi supreme. Traite de Fa-chang. Abhidharmahṛdayaśāstra de Dharmasri Translated by I. Armelin
Book Review 151-158
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NS13-2 1980
Paul Dumieville, 1894-1979 (by Hurbert Durt):
Edward Conze, 1904-1979 (by Christmas Humphreys):
Tsukamoto Zenryū, 1898-1979 (by Nagao Gadjin and Leon Hurvitz)
Notes (Obituary) 143-150
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Hisamatsu Shin'ichi, 1889-1980 Notes (Obituary) 142-149
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Deshimaru Taisen, 1914-1982 Notes (Obituary) 153-155
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Christmas Humphreys, 1901-1983 Notes (Obituary) 134-139
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Nichiren Shōshū International Center
Book Review 139-143
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Kenneth K. Inada and Nolan Pliny Jacobson,eds.
Book Review 135-138
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Edited by Abe Masao
Book Review 144-148
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NS20-1 1987 Robert Aitken Robert Aitken Replies Notes 153-154
NS20-2 1987 Nagao Gadjin The Life of the Buddha: An Interpretation Article 1-31
NS20-2 1987 John Ross Carter Towards an Understanding of What is Inconceivable Article 32-52
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Mahāparinirvāṇāsūtra in the Stein/Hoernle Collection: A Preliminary Report
Views & Reviews 105-114
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NS21-1 1988 Paul J. Griffiths Rationality and Mind in Early Buddhism by Frank J. Hoffman Book Review 139-142
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NS21-2 1988 Glen Alexandrin Buddhist Economics Article 36-53
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NS21-2 1988 D. T. Suzuki, Soga Ryōjin, Kaneko Daiei, and Nishitani Keiji DIALOGUE
Shinran's World (III)
D. T. Suzuki, Soga Ryōjin, Kaneko Daiei, and Nishitani Keiji
Dialogue 78-94
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NS22-1 1989 Mark L. Blum "The Relationship between Religious Morality and Common Morality" by Kiyozawa Manshi
Translation 96-110
NS22-1 1989 James Fredericks Cosmology and Metanoia: Buddhist Path to Process Thought for the West Views & Reviews 111-127
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NS22-2 1989 Hirose Takashi Sprinklings Views & Reviews 105-119
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NS23-1 1990 Steve Odin The Middle Way of Emptiness in Modern Japanese Philosophy and the Zen Oxherding Pictures Article 26-44
NS23-1 1990 Robert Aitken The Dragon Who Never Sleeps: Verses for Zen Buddhist Practise Article 45-55
NS23-1 1990 Stephen Kaplan A Holographic Alternative to a Traditional Yogacārā Simile: An Analysis of Vasubandhu's Trisvabhava Doctrine Article 56-78
NS23-1 1990 Thomas Dean Masao Abe on Zen and Western Thought (II):
First Order Issues
Article 79-113
NS23-1 1990 Norman Waddell Talks by Hakuin Introductory to Lectures on the Records of Old Sokkō (Sokkō-roku Kaien Fusetsu) (6) Translation 114-137
NS23-1 1990 George J. Tanabe, Jr. The Major Writings of Nichiren DaiShōnin
Nichiren Shōshū International Center
Book Review 138-140
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NS23-1 1990 James Heisig La naturaleza de Buda(Shōbōgenzō) by Dōgen.
Translated and edited by Felix E. Prieto
Book Review 150-152
NS23-1 1990 Robert Aitken Remembering Yamada Kōun Rōshi Notes 152-154
NS23-2 1990 Nishitani Keiji Religious-Philosophical Existence in Buddhism Article 1-17
NS23-2 1990 Ueda Shizuteru Freedom and Language in Meister Eckhart and Zen Buddhism, Part 1 Article 18-59
NS23-2 1990 Steven Heine The Flower Blossoms 'Without Why': Beyond the Heidegger-Kuki Dialogue on Contemplative Language Article 60-86
NS23-2 1990 John Steffney Conflict, the Unconscious and Psychotherapeutic Method in Freud and Zen Buddhism Article 87-105
NS23-2 1990 Dennis Hirota On Attaining the Settled Mind: Anjinketsujōshō, Part 1 Translation 106-121
NS23-2 1990 Frederick Franck On the Criteria of Being Human Views & Reviews 122-135
NS23-2 1990 Kadowaki Kakichi Father Hugo Lasalle, 1898-1990 Notes (Obituary) 136-138
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NS24-1 1991 Alex Naughton Buddhist Omniscience Article 28-51
NS24-1 1991 Ueda Shizuteru Freedom and Language in Meister Eckhart and Zen Buddhism, Part 2 Article 52-80
NS24-1 1991 Dennis Hirota On Attaining the Settled Mind: Anjinketsujōshō, Part 2 Translation 81-96
NS24-1 1991 Norman Waddell Talks by Hakuin Introductory to Lectures on the Records of Old Sokkō (Sokkō-roku Kaien Fusetsu) (7) Translation 97-122
NS24-1 1991 Joan Stambaugh Imaginary Dialogue between Heidegger and a Buddhist with Aplogies for Possible Implausibilities of the Personalities Views & Reviews 123-134
NS24-1 1991 Hubert Durt Foundatiions of T'ien-t'ai Philosophy : The Flowering of the Two Truths Theory in Chinese Buddhism by Paul L. Swanson, Book Review 135-139
NS24-1 1991 Taigen Dan Leighton Book of Serenity
Translated by Thomas Cleary
Book Review 140-143
NS24-1 1991 Bhikkhu Pasadika Meister Bankei, Die Zen-Lehre vom Ungeborenen: Leben und Lehre des grossen Japanischen Quellen Herausgegeben Edited and Translated by Norman Waddell Book Review 143-146
NS24-1 1991 Teijō R. Munnich Shōbōgenzō-zuimonki, Dōgen Zen and
Shikantaza: An Introduction to Zazen by Okumura Shohaku
Book Review 147-149
NS24-2 1991 Nagao Gadjin The Buddha's Life as Parable for Later Buddhist Thought Article 1-32
NS24-2 1991 Stephen Morris Beyond Christianity: Transcendentalism and Zen Article 33-68
NS24-2 1991 James H. Austin Zen and the Brain: The Construction and Dissolution of the Self Article 69-97
NS24-2 1991 Janine A. Sawada "No Eye: A Word to the Wise": Teshima Toan's Commentary on Ikkyū's Mizu Kagami Translation 98-122
NS24-2 1991 William R. LaFleur Poetry and Risk: Ideology's Edge in Dōgen and Tamekane Review Article 123-140
NS24-2 1991 Mark L. Blum The Dawn of Chinese Pure Land Buddhist Doctrine by Kenneth K. Tanaka Book Review 141-143
NS24-2 1991 Paul Swanson Buddha Nature by Sallie B. King Book Review 144-146
NS24-2 1991 Alex Naughton The Origins of Indian Psychology by N. Ross Reat Book Review 147-148
NS24-2 1991 Abe Masao Nishitani Keiji, 1900-1990 Notes (Obituary) 149-152
NS25-1 1992 Ueda Shizuteru My Teacher Article 1-7
NS25-1 1992 John Maraldo Practice, Samādhi, Realization: Three Innovative Interpretations by Nishitani Keiji Article 8-20
NS25-1 1992 Richard J. DeMartino Some Thoughts on the Thought of Nishitani Keiji Article 21-27
NS25-1 1992 Jan Van Bragt Nishitani the Prophet Article 28-50
NS25-1 1992 Abe Masao What is Religion? Article 51-69
NS25-1 1992 Robert E. Carter Discontinuity in Time Reminiscence 70-73
NS25-1 1992 Hakan Eilert The Man of the Circle: A Table Talk : 1984 Reminiscence 74-78
NS25-1 1992 Dora Fischer-Barnicol Movements Reminiscence 79-83
NS25-1 1992 Frederick Franck In Memoriam Reminiscence 84-85
NS25-1 1992 James W. Heisig Dirty Water, Clear Thinking Reminiscence 85-91
NS25-1 1992 Horio Tsutomu The Zen Practice of Nishitani Keiji Reminiscence 92-96
NS25-1 1992 Kajitani Sūnin Rōshi Layman Keisei Nishitani Reminiscence 97-98
NS25-1 1992 Mutō Kazuo A Man of the Universe Reminiscence 99-100
NS25-1 1992 Ōhashi Ryōsuke A Small Fish Swallows a Large Fish Reminiscence 101-102
NS25-1 1992 Ōkochi Ryōgi A Tenacious Power of Thinking Reminiscence 103-104
NS25-1 1992 Graham Parkes "A Citizen of the Cosmos? : Ridiculous!" Reminiscence 105-108
NS25-1 1992 Sasaki Jōshū Nishitani Keiji the Person Reminiscence 109-111
NS25-1 1992 Sasaki Tōru Talks on the Shōbōgenzō Reminiscence 112-113
NS25-1 1992 Eberhard Scheiffle "Sitting on a High, Bare Mountain Peak Overlooking a Wide Vista" Reminiscence 114-124
NS25-1 1992 Shimomura Toratarō Anecdotes That Now Seem Ancient Reminiscence 125-127
NS25-1 1992 Takeuchi Yoshinori The Spirit of Poverty Reminiscence 128-129
NS25-1 1992 Notto R. Thelle "The Flower Blooms on the Cliff's Edge" Reminiscence 130-136
NS25-1 1992 Tsujimura Kōichi Thinking of Life Reminiscence 137-138
NS25-1 1992 Ueda Yoshifumi Reminiscence Reminiscence 139-141
NS25-1 1992 Hans Waldenfels Remembering Sensei Reminiscence 142-146
NS25-1 1992 Yagi Seiichi Words That Remain in the Heart Reminiscence 147-148
NS25-1 1992 Yusa Michiko The Eternal is the Transient is The Eternal: "A Flower Blooms and the Whole World Arises" Reminiscence 149-154
NS25-1 1992
Outline Chronology; Translations into Western languages (Nishitani Keiji) Notes 155-163
NS25-2 1992 Winston L. King Is There a Buddhist Ethic for the Modern World? Article 1-13
NS25-2 1992 Ōmine Akira The Genealogy of Sorrow: Japanese View of Life and Death Article 14-29
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NS25-2 1992 Ueda Shizuteru The Place of Man in the Noh Play Article 59-88
NS25-2 1992 Stephen Morris Buddhism and Christianity: The Common Ground. A Study of the Radical Theologies of Meister Eckhart and Abe Masao Article 89-118
NS25-2 1992 Paul B. Watt Sermons on the Precepts and Monastic Life by the Shingon Vinaya Master Jiun Translation 119-128
NS25-2 1992 Hubert Durt Les Doctrines de l'Ecole Japonaise Tendai au Debut du IX Siecle by Jean-Noel Robert Book Review 129-132
NS25-2 1992 Joan Stambaugh A Study of Dōgen by Masao Abe Book Review 133-136
NS25-2 1992 Ruben L. F. Habito The Religious Philosophy of Nishitani Keiji Edited by Taitetsu Unno;
The Religious Philosophy of Tanabe Hajime Edited by T. Unno and James W. Heisig
Book Review 137-143
NS25-2 1992 James K. Morton Cultivating the Empty Field
Translated by T. D. Leighton and Yu Qi
Book Review
NS25-2 1992 Hori Sōgen Kobori Nanrei, 1918-1992 Notes (Obituary) 149-152
NS26-1 1993 Yanagi Sōetsu Myōkōnin Osono Article 1-9
NS26-1 1993 Eric J. Ziolkowski The Literary Bearing of Chicago's 1893 World's Parliament of Religions Article 10-25
NS26-1 1993 Abe Masao Zen and Buddhism Article 26-49
NS26-1 1993 Dennis Hirota Shinran's View of Language: A Buddhist Hermeneutics of Faith (Part One) Article 50-93
NS26-1 1993 Klaus Otte The Kyoto Philosopher's Call "Ad Fontes" : Asian Humanism Reminiscence 94-100
NS26-1 1993 John G. Rudy Engaging the Void: Emerson's Essay on Experience and the Zen Experience of Emptiness Views & Reviews 101-125
NS26-1 1993 Frederick Franck A Crash Course in Redical Buddhism Views & Reviews 126-131
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NS26-1 1993 Jamie Hubbard Once Upon a Future Time by Jan Nattier Book Review 138-146
NS26-1 1993 Robert Kritzer Existence and Enlightenment in the Laṅkāvatāra-sūtra by Florin Giripescu Sutton Book Review 147-154
NS26-2 1993 D. T. Suzuki Kiyozawa's Living Presence Article 1-10
NS26-2 1993 J. W. de Jong The Beginnings of Buddhism Article 11-30
NS26-2 1993 Urs App "Dun ": A Chinese Concept as a Key to "Mysticism" in East and West Article 31-72
NS26-2 1993 Abe Masao A Report on the 1993 Parliament of World's Religions Article 73-75
NS26-2 1993 Abe Masao Two Types of Unity and Religious Pluralism Article 76-85
NS26-2 1993 Donald W. Mitchell Unity and Ultimate Reality: A Response to Masao Abe Article 86-90
NS26-2 1993 Dennis Hirota Shinran's View of Lanuage: A Buddhist Hermeneutics of Faith (Part Two) Article 91-130
NS26-2 1993 W. S. Yokoyama Two Addresses By Shaku Sōen:
"The Law of Cause and Effect, as Taught by Buddha." Translated by D. T. Suzuki;
"Reflections on an American Journey."
Translated by W. S. Yokoyama
Translation 131-148
NS26-2 1993 Elizabeth Kenney Flowing Traces: Buddhism in the literary and Visual Arts of Japan. Edited by James H. Sanford et al. Book Review 149-155
NS26-2 1993 Robert Kritzer Tibetan Buddhism, edited by Steven D. Goodman and Ronald M. Davidson;
In the Mirror of Memory, edited by Janet Gyatso
Book Review 156-162
NS27-1 1994 D. T. Suzuki Zen Hyakudai: One Hundred Zen Topics (Part Four) Article 1-9
NS27-1 1994 Ueda Shizuteru The Practice of Zen Article 10-29
NS27-1 1994 Mark L. Blum Pure Land Buddhism as an Alternative Mārga Article 30-77
NS27-1 1994 D.T. Suzuki and Soga Ryōjin Dialogue: Zen and Shin Dialogue 78-95
NS27-1 1994 N. A. Waddell A Chronological Biography of Zen Priest Hakuin: Hakuin Ōsho Nempu Translation 96-155
NS27-1 1994 Mark L. Blum An Index to Asanga's Mahāyāna -samgraha Edited by Gadjin M. Nagano Book Review 156-157
NS27-1 1994 Elizabeth Kenney The Manuscripts of Nanatsu-dera by Ochiai Toshinori Book Review 158-162
NS27-2 1994 Abe Masao Suffering in the Light of Our time, Our Time in the Light of Suffering Article 1-13
NS27-2 1994 Winston L. King Engaged Buddhism: Past, Present, Future, Article 14-29
NS27-2 1994 John T. Brinkman The Simplicity of Dōgen Article 30-52
NS27-2 1994 Robert F. Rhodes Shin Buddhist Attitudes towards the Kami: From Shinran to Rennyo Article 53-80
NS27-2 1994 Norman Waddell A Chonological Biography of Zen priest Hakuin: (Hakuin Ōsho Nempu), Part 2. Translation 81-129
NS27-2 1994 James L. Fredericks The Far Side of Nothingness: Reading Mitchell' s Spirituality and Emptiness Views & Reviews 130-139
NS27-2 1994 Donald W. Mitchell A Response to James Freadericks Views & Reviews 140-144
NS27-2 1994 Kurethara S. Bose The Transformation of the Self in Mahāyāna Buddhism Views & Reviews 145-156
NS27-2 1994 Leslie S. Kawamura Mark R. Mullins et al., eds., Religion& Society in Modern Japan Book Review 157-168
NS28-1 1995 D. T. Suzuki Reflection on the Pure Land Article 1-16
NS28-1 1995 Joan Stambaugh Trancendense Article 17-28
NS28-1 1995 Ueda Shizuteru Nishida' s Thought Article 29-47
NS28-1 1995 Paul Harrison Searching for the Origins of the Mahāyāna : What Are We Looking For? Article 48-69
NS28-1 1995 Urs App Treatise on No-Mind: A Chan Text from Dunhuang Translation 70-107
NS28-1 1995 James Dobbins Women' s Birth in Pure Land as Women: Intimations from the Letters of Eshinni Views & Reviews 108-122
NS28-1 1995 W. S. Yokoyama Two Thinkers on Shin: Selections from the Writings of Soga Ryōjin and Kaneko Daiei Views & Reviews 123-154
NS28-1 1995 J. W. de Jong Four Volumes in the BDK English Tripitaka Book Review 155-161
NS28-1 1995 John S. Yokota Rediscovering the West by Steven Rowe Book Review 162-163
NS28-1 1995 Robert Aitken The Essential Teachings of Zen Master Hakuin by Norman Waddell Book Review 163-164
NS28-1 1995 Patricia J. Fister Lotus Moon. Translated by John Steavens Book Review 165-166
NS28-2 1995 Abe Masao The Logic of Abusolute Nothingness, As Expounded by Nishida Kitarō Article 167-175
NS28-2 1995 Ueda Shizuteru The Difficulty of Undestanding Nishida's Philosophy Article 175-182
NS28-2 1995 John C. Maraldo The Ploblem of World Culture: Towards an Appropriation of Nishida' s Phirosophy of Nation and Culture Article 183-197
NS28-2 1995 James W. Heisig Tanabe' s Logic ofthe Specific and the Critique of the Gloval Village Article 198-224
NS28-2 1995 D.T. Suzuki My Friend Nishida Kitarō Article 225-230
NS28-2 1995 Dennis Hirota Nishida' s "Gutoku Shinran." Article 231-244
NS28-2 1995 Nishida Kitarō "The Retirement Speech of a Certain Professor" Views & Reviews 245-247
NS28-2 1995 John T. Brinkman The Simplicity of Nichiren Views & Reviews 248-264
NS28-2 1995 Frederic Franck Response to Joan Stambaugh' s "Transcendence" Views & Reviews 265-272
NS28-2 1995 David Loy In Zen Buddhism? Views & Reviews 273-286
NS28-2 1995 Michiko Yusa Reflections on Nishida Studies Views & Reviews 287-296
NS28-2 1995
Nishida Kitarō in Translation: Primary Sources in Western Languages List 297-302
NS28-2 1995 J. W. de Jong The Lotus Sutra Translated by Burton Watson Book Review 303-304
NS28-2 1995 J. W. de Jong Hōbōgirin Buddhist Dictionary vol. 7 Book Review 304-307
NS28-2 1995 J. W. de Jong BDK English Tripitaka 10-1 Book Review 307-309
NS28-2 1995 James L. Fredericks Buddhism and Interfaith Dialogue by Masao Abe Book Review 310-311
NS29-1 1996 Nishitani Keiji The Problem of Anjin in Zen (I) Article 1-32
NS29-1 1996 Fujita Kotatsu The Origin of the Pure Land Article 33-51
NS29-1 1996 Christpher Nugent Satori in St. John of the Cross Article 52-65
NS29-1 1996 BockJa Kim Buddhist Enlightement and Hegelian Teleology: The Dialectic of the Means and End of Enlightenment Article 66-84
NS29-1 1996 Kurethara S. Bose The Theoretical Foundations of Zen Buddhism Views & Reviews 85-98
NS29-1 1996 Paul L. Swanson Abusolute Nothoingness and Emptiness in Nishitani Keiji: An Essay from the Perspective of Classical Buddhist Thought Views & Reviews 99-108
NS29-1 1996 Kirita Kiyohide Young D. T. Suzuki' s Views on Society Views & Reviews 109-133
NS29-1 1996 Frederick Franck Mysticism: Buddhist and Christian by Paul Mommaers & Jan Van Bragt Book Review 134-137
NS29-1 1996 Robert W. Adams Rude Awakenings Editied by James W. Heisig & John C. Maraldo Book Review 138-140
NS29-1 1996 Ruben L. F. Habito Buddhist Spirituality Editied by Takeuchi Yoshinori Book Review 141-146
NS29-1 1996 Richard Gardner Japan in Traditional and Postmodern Perspectives
Editied by Charles W. Fu & Steven Heine
Book Review 147-151
NS29-2 1996 Takeuchi Yoshinori The Fundamental Problem of Shinran' s Thought (Part I) Article 153-158
NS29-2 1996 Douglas Mikkelson On Entering the Religious Life: A Dilemma, ACatholic Response, A Zen Response Article 159-171
NS29-2 1996 Ueda Shizuteru Sōseki and Buddhism: Reflections on his Later Works (Part I) Article 172-206
NS29-2 1996 Ui Hakuju The Nembutsu Zen of the Disciples of the Fifth Patriarch Article 207-238
NS29-2 1996 Victor Sōgen hori The Study of Buddhist Monastic Practice: Reflections on Robert Buswell' s The Zen Monastic Experience Views & Reviews 239-261
NS29-2 1996 Henk Barendregt Mysticism and Beyond. Buddhist Phenomenology (Part II) Views & Reviews 262-287
NS29-2 1996 Sakurabe Hajime Studies in Abhidharma Literature by Erich Frauwallner Book Review 288-290
NS29-2 1996 Tim Pallis The Zen Eye: Collected Talks of Sokei-an Edited by Mary Farkas Book Review 291-297
NS29-2 1996 Robert F. Rodes The Great Calming and Contemplation by Neal Donner & Daniel B.Stevenson, Book Review 298-301
NS30-1 1997 Michael Finkenthal Coincidentia Oppositorum and Love, Nishida Kitarō. with an Introduction Article 1-12
NS30-1 1997 Robert H. Paslick From Nothingness to Nothingness: The Nature and Destiny Article 13-31
NS30-1 1997 Ueda Shizuteru Sōseki and Buddhism: Reflections on His Later Works (II) Article 32-52
NS30-1 1997 Urs App St. Francis Xavier' s Discovery of Japanese Buddhism: Chapter in the European Discovery of Buddhism (Part 1: Before the Arrival in Japan, 1547-1549) Article 53-78
NS30-1 1997 Sasaki Shizuka A Study on the Origine of Mahāyāna Buddhism Article 79-113
NS30-1 1997 Joseph S. O' Leary The Significanse of John Keenan's Mahāyāna Theology Views & Reviews 114-132
NS30-1 1997 Galen Amstutz Shinran and Authority in Buddhism Views & Reviews 133-146
NS30-1 1997 Nobuhiko Abe The Social Self in Zen and American Pragmatism by Steve Odin Book Review 147-151
NS30-1 1997 Shigenori Nagatomo Watsuji Tetsurō's Rinrigaku: Ethics in Japan
Watsuji Tetsurō. Translated by Yamamoto Seisaku and Robert E. Carter
Book Review 152-158
NS30-2 1997 Abe Masao Ethics and Social Responsibility in Buddhism Article 161-172
NS30-2 1997 Judith Snodgrass The Deployment of Western Philosophy in Meiji Buddhist Revival Article 173-198
NS30-2 1997 William S. Cobb The Game of Go: An Unexpected Path to Enlightenment Article 199-213
NS30-2 1997 Urs App St. Francis Xavier's Discovery of Japanese Buddhism: A Chapter in the European Discovery of Buddhism (Part 2: From Kagoshima to Yamaguchi,1549-1551) Article 214-244
NS30-2 1997 Taitetsu Unno The Past as a Problem of the Presant: Zen, the Kyoto School, and Nationalism Views & Reviews 245-266
NS30-2 1997 Gregory Gibbs Understanding Shinran and the Burden of Traditional Dogmatics Views & Reviews 267-286
NS30-2 1997 Frederick Franck Upāya: Stratagems of the Great Compassion Views & Reviews 287-293
NS30-2 1997 John Ross Carter Interpreting Amida by Galen Amstutz Book Review 294-297
NS30-2 1997 Robert F. Rodes Madhyāmika in China by Ming-Wood Liu Book Review 298-299
NS30-2 1997 David R. Loy Religious Pluralism and Christian Truth by Joseph S. O' leary
Book Review 300-307
NS30-2 1997 Taigen Dan Leighton Two Denkōroku translations Book Review 308-314
NS31-1 1998 Kaneko Daiei Rennyo the Restorer (I) Article 1-11
NS31-1 1997 Joan Stambaugh Eidō Shimano Rōshi & Charles Vacher, ed. and trans., Shōbōgenzō-uji-Etre-temps- Being-time Book Review 135-
NS31-1 1998 Abe Masao Faith and Self-Awakening: A Search for the Category Coverring All Religious Life Article 12-24
NS31-1 1998 James A. Ryan Zen and Analytical Philosophy Article 25-39
NS31-1 1998 Urs App Francis Xavier' s Discovery of Japanese Buddhism (III) A Chapter inthe European Discovery of Buddhism (Part 3: From Yamaguchi to India 1551-1552) Article 40-71
NS31-1 1998 Jeff Shore True Sitting: A Discussion with Hisamatsu Shin'ichi Views & Reviews 72-84
NS31-1 1998 Kim BockJa Ontology without Axiology? A Review of Masao Abe's Account of the Problem of Good & Evil from a Western Philosophical Perspective Views & Reviews 85-108
NS31-1 1998 Richard A. Gardner Matters of Life and Deth: The Midding Way as a New Buddhist Humanism? Review Article 109-124
NS31-1 1998 James Fredericks Zen & Comparative Studies by Masao Abe Book Review 125-126
NS31-1 1998 James Robson The Sutra of the Ten Kings by Steven Teiser Book Review 127-134
NS31-1 1998 Joan Stambaugh Shōbōgenzō-uji-Etre-temps-being-time by Eidō Shimano Roshi, Charles Vacher, ed. and trans. Book Review 135-152
NS31-2 1998 Daisetz T. Suzuki Basic Thoughts Underlying Eastern Ethical and Social Practice (1962) Article 153-178
NS31-2 1998 Matteo Cestari The Knowing Body: Nishida's Philosophy of Active Intuition (Kōiteki chokkan) Article 179-208
NS31-2 1998 Kaneko Daiei Rennyo the Restorer, Part 2 Article 209-218
NS31-2 1998 Richard DeMartino and Kenneth Kramer Perspectives on Self-Emptying: A Zen-Catholic Dialogue between Richard J. DeMartino and Kenneth P. Kramer Dialogue 219-244
NS31-2 1998 Nabata Takashi (Introduction)
W. S. Yokoyama ( Translation)
The Legacy of Rennyo Shōnin: Rennyo Shōnin Itokuki Translation 245-262
NS31-2 1998 Judith Snodgrass Retrieving the Past? A Consideration of Texts, APPENDIX: Shaku Sōyen, "Arbitration Instead of War" Views & Reviews 263-270
NS31-2 1998 William S.Cobb Nishida on the Freedom of the will Views & Reviews 271-277
NS31-2 1998 Joseph S. O'Leary. The Hermeneutics of Critical Buddhism Views & Reviews 278-294
NS31-2 1998 Jeff Shore Abe Masao's Legacy: Awakening to Reality through the Death of the Ego and Providing Spiritual Ground for the Modern World Review Article 295-307


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