New Series (2000-present) Index

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Volume-no. Year Author
Title Category Page no.
NS32-1 2000 Luis O. Gomez Buddhism as a Religion of Hope: Observation on the "Logic" of a Doctrine and its Foundational Myth Article 1-21
NS32-1 2000 Robert F. Rhodes Imagining Hell: Genshin's Vision of the Buddhist Hell as found in the Ōjōyōshū Article 22-55
NS32-1 2000 Trent Collier Time and Self: Religious Awakening in Dōgen and Shinran Article 56-84
NS32-1 2000 Gregory Schopen The Good Monk and his Money in a Buddhist Monasticism of "The Mahāyāna Period" Article 85-105
NS32-1 2000 Soga Ryōjin, trans. by Jan Van Bragt
With an introduction by Yasutomi Shin'ya
Shinran's View of Buddhist History Translation 106-129
NS32-1 2000 Dennis Hargiss Awakening to the High / Returning to the Low:
The Pilgrim's Ideal in Bashō's Oku no Hosomichi
Views & Reviews 130-156
NS32-1 2000 Enomoto Fumio The Discovery of "the Oldest Buddhist Manuscripts" Review Article 157-166
NS32-1 2000 Donald W. Mitchell Joseph A. Bracken, S.J., The Divine Matrix: Creativity as Link between East and West Book Review 167-171
NS32-1 2000 Shobha Rani Dash Karma Lekshe Tsomo (Editor), Buddhist Women Across Cultures: Realizations Book Review 171-174
NS32-1 2000 Robert F. Rhodes Kevin Trainor, Relics, Ritual, and Representation in Buddhism: Rematerializing the Sri Lankan Theravada Tradition Book Review 174-178
NS32-1 2000 Robert E. Carter, Jeff Shore (Rejoinder) "Better Wrong Than Sloppy" Corrspondence 179-182
NS32-1 2000
Obituary (Dr. J. W. de Jong) Obituary 182-182
NS32-2 2000 Gregory Schopen The Mahāyana and the Middle Period in Indian Buddhism: Through a Chinese Looking-glass
Article 1-25
NS32-2 2000 Lambert Schmithausen Buddhism and the Ethics of Nature : Some Remarks Article 26-78
NS32-2 2000 Florin Deleanu Buddhist 'Ethology' in the Pāli Canon: Between Symbol and Observation Article 79-127
NS32-2 2000 Ian Harris Magician as Environmentalist: Fertility Elements in South and Southeast Asian Buddhism Article 128-156
NS32-2 2000 Soga Ryōjin, trans. by Jan Van Bragt
A Savior on Earth: The Meaning of Dharmākara Bodhisattva's Advent Translation 157-169
NS32-2 2000 David Landis Barnhill Of Bashōs and Buddhisms Views & Reviews 170-201
NS32-2 2000 Ruben L. F. Habito Jacqueline I. Stone, Original Enlightenment and the Transformation of Medieval Japanese Buddhism Book Review 202-207
NS32-2 2000 Jin Young Park Charles Muller, trans., The Sūtra of Perfect Enlightenment: Korean Buddhism's Guide to Meditation Book Review 207-213
NS33-1 2001 Dennis Hirota SYMPOSIUM: Reading The Collected Works of Shinran Preface Article 1-4
NS33-1 2001 John Keenan SYMPOSIUM: Shinran's Neglect of Emptiness Article 5-15
NS33-1 2001 Thomas P. Kasulis SYMPOSIUM: Shin Buddhist Ethics in Our Postmodern Age of Mappō Article 16-37
NS33-1 2001 Dennis Hirota SYMPOSIUM: On Recent Readings of Shinran Article 38-55
NS33-1 2001 Robert F. Rhodes Seeking the Pure Land in Heian Japan: The Practices of the Monks of the Nijūgo Zammai-e Article 56-79
NS33-1 2001 Henry Simoni-Wastila Buddhist Thought and Particularity: Thurman and Abe on a Nondualistic Middle Way Article 80-102
NS33-1 2001 Aramaki Noritoshi A Buddhist Student's Comment on Dr. H. Simoni-Wastila's Paper Comment 103-105
NS33-1 2001 Cathy Cantwell Reflections on Ecological Ethics and the Tibetan Earth Ritual Views & Reviews 106-127
NS33-1 2001 Yamabe Nobuyoshi Internal Desire and the External World: An Approach to Environmental Problems from a Buddhist Perspective Views & Reviews 128-143
NS33-1 2001 Jonathan A. Silk Contribution to the Study of the Philosophical Vocabulary of Mahāyāna Buddhism Reviews Article 144-168
NS33-1 2001 Nelson Foster Norman A. Waddell, Wild Ivy: The Spiritual Autobiography of Zen Master Hakuin Book Review 169-174
NS33-1 2001 John Ross Carter James L. Fredericks, Faith Among Faiths: Christian Theology and Non-Christian Religions Book Review 174-181
NS33-1 2001 Tom J. F. Tillemans Jonathan A. Silk, ed., Wisdom, Compassion, and the Search for Understanding: The Buddhist Studies Legacy of Gadjin M. Nagao Book Review 181-185
NS33-2 2001 D. T. Suzuki Notes and Fragments   1-11
NS33-2 2001  

FEATURE: Japanese Buddhism and Social Ethics Editors' Note

Note 12-14
NS33-2 2001 Christopher Ives Protect the Dharma, Protect the Country: Buddhist War Responsibility
and Social Ethics
Article 15-34
NS33 -2 2001 Ama Toshimaro
Towards a Shin Buddhist Social Ethics
Article 35-53
NS33 -2 2001

Takagi Kenmyō
(Translated by RobertF.Rhodes)

My Socialism

Article 54-61
NS33-2 2001 Yanagida Seizan
(Translated and introduced by Urs App)
Passion for Zen: Two Talks at the San Francisco Zen Center Article 62-96
NS33-2 2001 Dale S. Wright The 'Thought of Enlightenment' in Fa-tsang's Hua-yen Buddhism Views and Reviews 97-106
NS33-2 2001 Gregory Gibbs Reverence and Reality Views and Reviews 107-121
NS33-2 2001 David R. Loy A New Holy War against Evil? A Buddhist Response Views and Reviews 122-128
NS33-2 2001 Hagiwara Takao Japan and the West in D. T. Suzuki's Nostalgic Double Journeys Views and Reviews 129-151
NS33-2 2001 Robert Kritzer P.S. Jaini, Collected Papers on Buddhist Studies Book Review 152-156
NS33-2 2001 Sybil Anne Thornton Brian D. Ruppert, Jewel in the Ashes: Buddha Relics and Power in Early Medieval Japan Book Review 156-159
NS34-1 2002 William S. Waldron Buddhist Steps to an Ecology of Mind: Thinking about 'Thoughts without a Thinker' Article 1-52
NS34-1 2002 Douglas K. Mikkelson The Cardinal Virtues of the Bodhisattva in Dōgen's Shōbōgenzō Zuimonki Article 53-78
NS34-1 2002 Translated by Norman Waddell Hakuin's Yasenkanna Translation 79-119
NS34-1 2002

Ishikawa Rikizan (Introduced and Translated by William Bodiford )

Colloquial Transcriptions as Sources for Understanding Zen in Japan Views and Reviews 120-142
NS34-1 2002 Victor Sōgen Hori Steven Heine, Shifting Shape, Shaping Text: Philosophy and Folklore in the Fox Kōan Book Review 143-146
NS34-1 2002 Sarah Horton Mikael S. Adolphson, The Gates of Power: Monks, Courtiers, and Warriors in Premodern Japan Book Review 147-148
NS34-1 2002 Robert F. Rhodes Mark L. Blum, The Origins and Development of Pure Land Buddhism: A Study and Translation of Gyōnen's Jōdo Hōmon Genrushō Book Review 149
NS34-2 2002 John B. Cobb, Jr. A Buddhist-Christian Critique of Neo-Liberal Economics Articles 1-15
NS34-2 2002 Keibo Oiwa Slowing Down to Life: Revisiting Schumacher on Religion and Economics Articles 16-24
NS34-2 2002 Ama Toshimaro Shin Buddhism and Economic Ethics Articles 25-50
NS34-2 2002 Andrew Skilton State or Statement?: Samādhi in Some Early Mahāyāna Sūtras Articles 51-93
NS34-2 2002 Jacob N. Kinnard On Buddhist 'Bibliolaters': Representing and Worshiping the Book in Medieval Indian Buddhism Articles 94-116
NS34-2 2002 Takemura Makio Zen and Pure Land: An Important Aspect of D.T. Suzuki's Interpretation of Buddhism Articles 117-141
NS34-2 2002 Bret W. Davis Introducing the Kyoto School as World Philosophy: Reflections on James W. Heisig's Philosophers of Nothingness Review Article 142-170
NS34-2 2002 James Mark Shields Robert E. Carter, Encounter with Enlightenment: A Study of Japanese Ethics Book Review 171-176
NS34-2 2002 Sean Duke Allan Hunt Badiner, ed., Mindfulness in the Marketplace: Compassionate Responses to Consumerism Book Review 176-180
NS35-1&2 2003 Alfred Bloom Kiyozawa Manshi and the Revitalization of Buddhism Articles 1-5
NS35-1&2 2003 Hashimoto Mineo Two Models of the Modernization of Japanese Buddhism: Kiyozawa Manshi and D. T. Suzuki Articles 6-41
NS35-1&2 2003 Fujita Msakatsu Kiyozawa Manshi and Nishida Kitarō Articles 42-56
NS35-1&2 2003 Mark L. Blum Truth in Need: Kiyozawa Manshi and Soren Kierkegaard Articles 57-101
NS35-1&2 2003 Yasutomi Shin'ya The Way of Introspection: Kiyozawa Manshi's Methodology Articles 102-114
NS35-1&2 2003 Paul Harrison Mediums and Messages: Reflections on the Production of Mahāyāna Sūtra Articles 115-151
NS35-1&2 2003 Rhi Juhyung Early Mahāyāna and Gandhāran Buddhism: An Assessment of the Visual Evidence Articles 152-202
NS35-1&2 2003 Aramaki Noritoshi Towards a New Working Hypothesis on the Origin of Mahāyāna Buddhism Articles 203-218
NS35-1&2 2003 Gereon Kopf Neither Dogma nor Institution : Nishida on the Role of Religion Translation 219-240
NS35-1&2 2003 Robert F. Rhodes Paul Groner, Ryogen and Mt.Hiei: Japanese Tendai in the Tenth Century Book Review 241-243
NS35-1&2 2003 Peter Skilling John Clifford Holt, Jacob N. Kinnard, Jonathan S. Walters, eds., Constituting Communities : Theravada Buddhism and the Religious Cultures of South and Southeast Asia Book Review 244-247
NS36-1&2 2004 Trevor Murphy The Leprosy Relief Work of Tsunawaki Ryūmyō Articles 3-30
NS36-1&2 2004 Hishiki Masaharu The Life and Thought of Ogasawa Noboru Articles 31-39
NS36-1&2 2004 Kajiwara Keiichi Buddhism and Hansen's Disease Articles 40-45
NS36-1&2 2004 Georgios T. Halkias Tibetan Buddhism Registered : A Catalogue from the Imperial Court of 'Phang Thang Articles 46-105
NS36-1&2 2004 Gerard Clinton Godart Tracing the Circle of Truth : Inoue Enryō on the History of Philosophy and Buddhism Articles 106-133
NS36-1&2 2004 Demetrios Th. Vassiliades Greeks and Buddhism : Historical Contacts in the Development of a Universal Religion Articles 134-183
NS36-1&2 2004 Sasaki Shizuka A Problem in the Re-establishment of the Bhikkunī Sangha in Modern Theravada Buddhism Articles 184-191
NS36-1&2 2004 Albert Stunkard Suzuki Daisetz : An Appreciation Articles 192-228
NS36-1&2 2004 Robert F. Rhodes Richard K. Payne and Kenneth K. Tanaka eds. , Approaching the Land of Bliss : Religious Praxis in the Cult of Amitābha Book Reviews 229-232
NS36-1&2 2004 Elisabetta Porcu Judith Snodgrass, Presenting Japanese Buddhism to the West :Orientalism, Occidentalism and the Columbian Exposition Book Review 232-236
NS36-1&2 2004 Takahashi Kōichi Robert Krizer, Vasubandhu and the Yogācārabhūmi :Yogācāra Elements in the Abhidharmakośabhāṣya Book Review 236-242
NS37-1&2 2005 Sueki Fumihiko Building a Platform for Academic Buddhist Studies : Murakami Senshō Articles 8-27
NS37-1&2 2005 Okada Masahiko Revitalization versus Unification : A Comparison of the Ideas of Inoue Enryō and Murakami Senshō Articles 28-38
NS37-1&2 2005 John S. LoBreglio Uniting Buddhism : The Varieties of Tsūbukkyō in Meiji-Taishō Japan and the Case of Takada Dōken Articles 39-76
NS37-1&2 2005 Michel Mohr Murakami Senshō : In Search of the Fundamental Unity of Buddhism Articles 77-134
NS37-1&2 2005 Yamaguchi Aki Awakening to a Universalist Perspective : The Unitarian Influence on Religious Reform in Japan Articles 135-159
NS37-1&2 2005 Ryan Ward Against Buddhist Unity : Murakami Senshō and his Sectarian Critics Articles 160-194
NS37-1&2 2005 Kenneth K. Tanaka The "Latter Days of the Law" Ideology among Chinese Pure Land Buddhist Proponents : The Case of Tao-ch'o and Ching-ying Hui-yuan Article 195-204
NS37-1&2 2005 Ama Michihiro Shifting Subjectivity in the Translation of Shinranfs Texts Article 205-221
NS37-1&2 2005 Suraj A. Pandit Late Hinayana Buddhism and the Translation to Mahāyāna : A Study of the Early Buddhist Samgha and the Buddha Figures at Kanheri Article 222-234
NS37-1&2 2005 Moriyama Shin'ya The Gate of Praise in Vasubandhu's Sukhavativyuhopadesa Article 235-253
NS37-1&2 2005 James W. Heisig Approaching the Ueda Shizuteru Collection Review Article 254-274
NS37-1&2 2005 Galen Amstutz Mark L. Blum and Shin'ya Yasutomi eds., Rennyo and the Roots of Modern Japanese Buddhism Book Review 275-283
NS37-1&2 2005 Ben Brose Steven Heine and Dale S. Wright eds., Zen Classics : Formative Texts in the History of Zen Buddhism Book Review 284-293
NS38-1&2 2007 D. T. Suzuki The Life of a Certain Person Articles 3-7
NS38-1&2 2007 Ueda Shizuteru Outwardly, Be Open; Inwardly, Be Deep Articles 8-40
NS38-1&2 2007 Thomas P. Kasulis Reading D. T. Suzuki Today Articles 41-57
NS38-1&2 2007 Moriya Tomoe “A Note from A Rural Town in America” :The Young Suzuki Daisetsu and the Significance of Religious Experience Articles 58-68
NS38-1&2 2007 Ama Toshimaro An Outline of Natsume Sōseki’s Meian (Light and Darkness) Articles 69-70
NS38-1&2 2007 Valdo H. Viglielmo Sōseki’s Meian Revisited: A Fresh Look at a Modern Classic Articles 71-90
NS38-1&2 2007 Nishitani Keiji On Natsume Sōseki’s Light and Darkness Articles 91-111
NS38-1&2 2007 Ama Toshimaro The Eyes of Pure Objectiveness: Natsume Sōseki’s Search for the Way Articles 112-144
NS38-1&2 2007 Mizukawa Takao Natsume Sōseki and Shin Buddhism Article 145-179
NS38-1&2 2007 Domingos de Sousa Shinjin and Faith: A Comparison of Shinran and Kierkegaard Views & Reviews 180-202
NS38-1&2 2007 Jundō Gregory Gibbs Enduing Themes in Contemporary Pure Land Thought Views & Reviews 203-219
NS38-1&2 2007 Ugo Dessi Japanese Temple Buddhism: Worldliness in a Religion of Renunciationby Stephen G. Covell Book Reviews 220-222
NS38-1&2 2007 Sybille Höhe Encountering the Dharma: Daisaku Ikeda, Soka Gakkai,
And the Globalization of Buddhist Humanism
by Richard Hughes Seager
Book Reviews 223-225
NS38-1&2 2007 Elisabetta Porcu Zen in Brazil: The Quest for Cosmopolitan Modernity by Cristina Rocha Book Review 226-229
NS38-1&2 2007 Angela F. Howard Chinese Steles: Pre-Buddhist and Buddhist Use of a Symbolic Form by Dorothy C. Wong Book Review 284-293
NS38-1&2 2007 Hiraoka Satoshi A Few Good Men: The Bodhisattva Path According to the Inquiry of Ugra by Jan Nattier Book Review 233-236
NS38-1&2 2007 Michael Conway Discourse and Ideology in Medieval Japanese Buddhism
edited by Richard K. Payne and Taigen Dan Leighton
Book Review 237-242
NS38-1&2 2007 Christopher Ives In Memoriam Abe Masao (1915-2006) Obituary 243
NS39-1 2008 Robert F. Rhodes Feature: Developments of Nara Buddhism in Kamakura Japan (I) Introduction Articles 1-10
NS39-1 2008 James L. Ford Jōkei and Kannon : Defending Buddhist Pluralism in Medieval Japan Articles 11-28
NS39-1 2008 David Quinter Emulation and Erasure: Eison, Ninshō, and the Gyōki Cult Articles 29-60
NS39-1 2008 Kemmyō Taira Satō, Translated in Collaboration with Thomas Kirchner D. T. Suzuki and the Question of War Articles 61-120
NS39-1 2008 Terao Kazuyoshi On Buddhism by Nishitani Keiji Book Reviews 121-125
NS39-1 2008 Jessica L. Main Ethics and Society in Contemporary Shin Buddhism by Ugo Dessi Book Reviews 125-132
NS39-1 2008 Hase Shōtō Jan Van Bragt (1928-2007) Obituary 133-138
NS39-2 2008 Michael Pye Suzuki Daisetsu's View of Buddhism and the Encounter between Eastern and Western Thought Articles 1-10
NS39-2 2008 Mark L. Blum Standing Alone in the Faith of Non-Obedience: Suzuki Daisetsu and Pure Land Buddhism Articles 27-68
NS39-2 2008 Suzuki Daisetsu The Prospects for Buddhism in Europe and America Articles 69-78
NS39-2 2008 Suzuki Daisetsu The International Mission of Mahayana Buddhism Articles 79-94
NS39-2 2008 Matsuo Kenji The Life of Eizon Articles 95-124
NS39-2 2008 Minowa Kenryō The Movement for the Revival of the Precepts by the Ritsu School in Medieval Japan Articles 125-158
NS39-2 2008 David G. Lanoue The Haiku Mind: Issa and Pure Land Buddhism Views and Reviews 159-176
NS39-2 2008 Wayne S. Yokoyama Alfred Bloom, The Essential Shinran: A Buddhist Path of True Entrusting Book Reviews 177-179
NS39-2 2008 Elizabeth Tinsley Philip L. Nicoloff, Sacred Kōyasan: A Pilgrimage to the Mountain Temple of Saint Kōbō Daishi and the Great Sun Buddha Book Reviews 180-185
NS40-1&2 2009 Gerhard Marcel Martin Love, Hate, Compassion:
A Buddhist-Christian Depth Psychological Dialogue
Articles 1-10
NS40-1&2 2009 Bart Dessein The Mahāsāṃghikas and the Origin of Mahayana Buddhism: Evidence Provided in the Abhidharmamahāvibhāṣāśāstra Articles 25-62
NS40-1&2 2009 Ann Heirman Speech is Silver, Silence is Golden?
Speech and Silence in the Buddhist Saṃgha
Articles 63-92
NS40-1&2 2009 Alfred Bloom Sharing the Dharma:
An Overview of Shin Propagation in the West
Articles 93-106
NS40-1&2 2009 Ricardo Mário Gonçalves The South American Mission of the Shinshū Ōtani-ha
and its Contribution to Buddhism in Brazil
Articles 107-120
NS40-1&2 2009 Ama Michihiro Rethinking Kaikyō (Overseas Propagation of Japanese Buddhism):
Integrating Perspectives from Both Sides
Articles 121-138
NS40-1&2 2009 Chen Jidong The Transmission of the Jōdō Shinshū Doctrine to China:
The Discovery of "Nanjingyu Shuojiao" and its Significance
Articles 139-150
NS40-1&2 2009 Matsumoto Ikuko On the Significance Today of the Religious Practice of Ōta Kakumin Articles 151-174
NS40-1&2 2009 Michel Mohr Cutting through Desire: Dokuan Genkō’s Odes on the Nine Perceptions of Foulness Translation 175-216
NS40-1&2 2009 James Baskind Steven Heine and Dale S. Wright, eds.,
Zen Ritual: Studies of Zen Buddhist Theory in Practice
Book Reviews 217-224
NS40-1&2 2009 Matsumura Junko Reiko Ohnuma, Head, Eyes, Flesh, and Blood:
Giving Away the Body in Indian Buddhist Literature
Book Reviews 225-227
NS40-1&2 2009 Alicia R. East Dorothy C. Wong with Eric M. Field, eds.,
Hōryūji Reconsidered
Book Reviews 228-230
NS40-1&2 2009 Wamae Muriuki Jérôme Ducor, Shinran: Un réformateur bouddhiste dans le Japon médiéval Jérôme Ducor, Terre pure, Zen et autorité: La Dispute de l’ère Jôô et la Réfutation du Mémorandum sur des contradictions de la foi par Ryônyo du Honganji Book Reviews 231-237
NS40-1&2 2009 Melanie Coughlin Victor Sōgen Hori and Melissa Anne-Marie Curley, eds.,
Neglected Themes & Hidden Variations
Book Reviews 238-249
NS41-1 2010 Mark Allon
and Richard Salomon
New Evidence for Mahayana in Early Gandhāra Articles 1-22
NS41-1 2010 Ingo Strauch More Missing Pieces of Early Pure Land Buddhism: New Evidence for Akṣobhya and Abhirati in an Early Mahayana Sutra from Gandhāra Articles 23-66
NS41-1 2010 Burton Watson The Diamond Sutra Translation 67-100
NS41-1 2010 Galen Amstutz Kiyozawa in Concord: A Historian Looks Again at Shin Buddhism in America Lecture 101-150
NS41-1 2010 Nancy Stalker Elisabetta Porcu, Pure Land Buddhism in Modern Japanese Culture Book Reviews 151-154
NS41-1 2010 James Baskind Ruth Fuller Sasaki, trans. and Thomas Yūhō Kirchner, ed., The Record of Linji Book Reviews 154-157
NS41-2 2010 Peter Skilling Scriptural Authenticity and the Śrāvaka Schools:
An Essay towards an Indian Perspective
Articles 1-48
NS41-2 2010 Bart Dessein The Abhidharma School in China and the Chinese
Version of Upaśānta's Abhidharmahrdayasūtra
Articles 49-70
NS41-2 2010 Matsuo Kenji Death and Buddhism in the Japanese Middle Ages:
From the Standpoint of the Official Monks/"Secluded"
Monks Paradigm of Japanese Buddhism
Articles 71-96
NS41-2 2010 Brian Daizen Victoria The "Negative Side" of D. T. Suzuki's Relationship to War Articles 97-138
NS41-2 2010 Kemmyō Taira Satō
in Collaboration with Thomas Kirchner
Brian Victoria and the Question of Scholarship Articles 139-166
NS41-2 2010 Robert F. Rhodes Stephen F. Teiser and Jacqueline I. Stone, ed.
Readings of the Lotus Sūtra
Book Reviews 167-170
NS41-2 2010 Nancy Stalker Christopher Ives. Imperial-Way Zen:@Ichikawa Hakugen's
Critique and Lingering Questions for Buddhist Ethics
Book Reviews 171-174
NS42-1 2011 Hayashi Makoto Japanese Buddhism and its Modern Reconfiguration
Articles 1-8
NS42-1 2011 Nishimura Ryō The Intellectual Development of the Cult of Śākyamuni:
What is "Modern" about the Proposition that the
Buddha Did Not Preach the Mahayana?
Articles 9-30
NS42-1 2011 Hikino Kyōsuke "Hōnen" and "Shinran" in Early Modern Jōdo Shinshū Articles 31-54
NS42-1 2011 Tanigawa Yutaka No Separation, No Clashes:
An Aspect of Buddhism and Education in the Meiji Period
Articles 55-74
NS42-1 2011 Orian Klautau (Re)inventing "Japanese Buddhism":
Sectarian Reconfiguration and
Historical Writing in Meiji Japan
Articles 75-100
NS42-1 2011 Tōzuihen, James Baskind A Daoist Immortal Among Zen Monks:
Chen Tuan, Yinyuan Longqi, Emperor Reigen and the Obaku Text
Articles 100-130
NS42-1 2011 Jeong Yeongsik On the Practice and Prospect of Gongan Seon
in Modern Korean Buddhism:
Focused on its Relation with Vipissana Meditation
Views and Reviews 131-150
NS42-1 2011 Esben Andreasen Chinese Buddhism Today: Impressions Views and Reviews 151-174
NS42-1 2011 Alexander Wynne Steven Collins. Nirvana: Concept, Imagery, Narrative Book Reviews 175-182
NS42-1 2011 Galen Amstutz Najima Junji. Yume to Jōdokyō: Zendō, Chikō, Kūya,
Genshin, Hōnen, Shinran, Ippen no yume bunseki
Book Reviews 183-187
NS42-2 2011 James C. Dobbins Commemorative Lecture
The Many Faces of Shinran:
Images from D. T. Suzuki and The Eastern Buddhist
Articles 1-24
NS42-2 2011 Yasutomi Shin'ya and Itō Emyō Commemorative Lecture Responses Articles 25-36
NS42-2 2011 Yasutomi Shin'ya Problems and Possibilities for Research into the Kyōgyōshinshō
Editor's Introduction
Articles 37-46
NS42-2 2011 Fujimoto Masafumi On the Significance of Shinran's Holographic Version of the Kyōgyōshinshō in English Translation Articles 47-60
NS42-2 2011 Kaku Takeshi The Work of Self-Attestation: The Problems and Possibilities of a Structural Understanding of the Kyōgyōshinshō Articles 61-82
NS42-2 2011 Nobutsuka Tomomichi The Ultimate Consummation of Mahayana Buddhism:
From Birth in the Pure Land to the Path to Complete Nirvana
Articles 83-102
NS42-2 2011 Hase Shōtō The Problem of Merit Transference and the Kyōgyōshinshō Articles 103-114
NS42-2 2011 Pham Thi Thu Giang The Clerical Marriage Problem in Early Meiji Buddhism Articles 115-142
NS42-2 2011 Bret W. Davis Nothingness and (not or) the Individual: Reflections on Robert Wilkinson's Nishida and Western Philosophy Review Article 143-156
NS42-2 2011 Jeff Wilson Michihiro Ama. Immigrants to the Pure Land: The Modernization, Acculturation, and Globalization of Shin Buddhism, 1898-1941 Book Reviews 157-161
NS42-2 2011 Rongdao Lai Beata Grant. Eminent Nuns:Women Chan Masters of Seventeenth-Century China Book Reviews 162-164
NS42-2 2011 Shimazu Eshō Kenneth Tanaka. Pure Land Buddhism: Historical Development and Contemporary Manifestation Book Reviews 165-169
NS43-1&2 2012 Hayashi Makoto Feature: Modernity and Buddhism
Guest Editor's Preface 
Articles 1-6
NS43-1&2 2012 Sueki Fumihiko Introduction to the Symposium on Modernity and Buddhism Articles 7-23
NS43-1&2 2012 Donald S. Lopez Burnouf and the Birth of Buddhist Studies Articles 25-34
NS43-1&2 2012 Thomas A. Tweed Tracing Modernity's Flows: Buddhist Currents in the
Pacific World
Articles 35-56
NS43-1&2 2012 Chen Jidong The Other as Reflected in Sino-Japanese Buddhism: Through the Prism of Modernity Articles 57-79
NS43-1&2 2012 Judith M. Snodgrass Japan’s Contribution to Modern Global Buddhism: The World’s Parliament of Religions Revisited
Articles 81-102
NS43-1&2 2012 Yoshinaga Shin’ichi After Olcott Left: Theosophy and “New Buddhists” at the Turn of the Century Articles 103-132
NS43-1&2 2012 Hayashi Makoto General Education and the Modernization of Japanese Buddhism Articles 133-152
NS43-1&2 2012 Ōtani Eiichi A Comparative Analysis of Buddhist Nationalism in Asia Articles 153-179
NS43-1&2 2012 Je Jum-suk The Modernity of Japanese Buddhism and Colonial Korea: The Jōdoshū Wakō Kyōen as a Case Study Articles 181-203
NS43-1&2 2012 David L. McMahan The Enchanted Secular: Buddhism and the Emergence of Transtraditional “Spirituality” Articles 205-223
NS43-1&2 2012 Galen Amstutz Sexual Trangression in Shinran’s Dream Articles 225-269
NS43-1&2 2012 Jessica Starling Domestic Religion in Late Edo Period Sermons for Temple Wives Articles 271-297
NS43-1&2 2012 Melanie Coughlin Bret W. Davis, Brian Schroeder, and Jason M. Wirth, eds. Japanese and Continental Philosophy: Conversations with the Kyoto School. Bloomington and Indianapolis: Indiana University Press, 2010. Book Reviews 299-304
NS43-1&2 2012 Lin Peiying Christoph Anderl, ed. Zen Buddhist Rhetoric in China, Korea, and Japan. Leiden: Brill, 2011.  Book Reviews 304-307
NS44-1 2013 Lidu Yi Art, Ritual, and Patron: Examining an Unknown Buddhist Cave in Shanxi Articles 1-26
NS44-1 2013 Gábor Kósa Buddhist Monsters in the Chinese Manichaean Hymnscroll and the Guanyin Chapter of the Lotus Sutra Articles 27-76
NS44-1 2013 Achim Bayer From Transference to Transformation: Levels of Understanding in Tibetan Ars Moriendi Articles 77-96
NS44-1 2013 Ueba Akio The Life of Kyōnyo and the Foundation of Higashi Honganji Articles 97-120
NS44-1 2013 James H. Austin Avian Zen Views and Reviews 121-132
NS44-1 2013 Jeff Schroeder Jason Ānanda Josephson, The Invention of Religion in Japan Book Reviews 133-138
NS44-1 2013 Melissa Anne-Marie Curley Kemmyo Taira Sato, Great Living: In the Pure Encounter Between Master and Disciple Book Reviews 139-142
NS44-1 2013 W. S. Yokoyama Mark L. Blum and Robert F. Rhodes, eds. Cultivating Spirituality: A Modern Shin Buddhist Anthology Book Reviews 143-150
  • NS44-2 2013

    • Introduction: Reformulating "Socially Engaged Buddhism" as an Analytical Category
      (Jessica L. Main and Rongdao Lai)

      Zhao Puchu and His Renjian Buddhism
      (Ji Zhe)

      Buddhism and its Trust Networks between Taiwan, Malaysia, and the United States
      (C. Julia Huang)

      From a Disconnected Society to an Interconnected Society
      (Hakamata Toshihide Shun’ei)

      Pilgrimage Reoriented: Buddhist Discipline, Virtue, and Altruism in Bodhgayā
      (Kory Goldberg)

      On the Veneration of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China
      (Sheng Kai)

      Book Reviews

      Chün-fang Yü, Passing the Light: The Incense Light Community and Buddhist Nuns in Contemporary Taiwan
      (Reviewed by Lindsey DeWitt)

      Gregory G. Gibbs, Becoming Buddhist, Becoming Buddhas, Liberating All Beings
      (Reviewed by John Paraskevopoulos)

      John Ross Carter, In the Company of Friends: Exploring Faith and Understanding with Buddhists and Christians
      (Reviewed by Thomas Plant)


      Takasaki Jikidō (1926-2013)

      Itō Emyō (1932-2013)

      Richard DeMartino, Jr. (1922-2013)

45-1&2 (2014)
Feature: Transmission and Legitimation in Buddhist Traditions

Introduction: Selecting the Past and Transmitting the Truth
(Michael Pye)

Chinese Buddhists in Search of Authenticity in the Dharma
(Max Deeg)

The Eastward Flow of Buddhism and its Waterspouts, Springs, and Countercurrents: Ordination and Precepts
(Paul Groner)

Five Dharma Transmission Robes at the Zen Temple Tōfukuji
(Yamakawa Aki)

Indirect Transmission in Shingon Buddhism: Notes on the Henmyōin Oracle
(Elizabeth Tinsley)

The Creation of Tradition as an Exercise in Doctrinal Classification: Shinran's Forging of the Seven Shin Patriarchs
(Michael Conway)

The Complex Origins of the Vinaya in Korean Buddhism
(Richard D. McBride II)

The Significance of the Four-Part Vinaya for Contemporary Korean Buddhism with Reference to the Chogye Order
(Ja-rang Lee)

Feature: Thai Manuscripts across the Globe

Reading Siamese Buddhist Manuscripts in Ireland
(Justin Thomas McDaniel)

The Siamese/Thai Buddhist Manuscript Collection at Otani University
(Shimizu Yōhei)


Seimei, Sei, and Inochi: Three Japanese Concepts of Life
Ueda Shizuteru (translated and introduced by Victor Forte and Michiaki Nakano)

Faith and Inochi as Infinite Life
Hase Shōtō (translated and introduced by Michael Conway)

Book Reviews

Michel Mohr,
Buddhism, Unitarianism, and the Meiji Competition for Universality
(Reviewed by Ōmi Toshihiro)

Kevin Gray Carr,
Plotting the Prince: Shotoku Cults and the Mapping of Medieval Japanese Buddhism
(Reviewed by Michael Pye)

John K. Nelson,
Experimental Buddhism: Innovation and Activism inContemporary Japan
(Reviewed by Monika Kiss)


Frontispiece: Illustration of the Pastoral Bodhisattva
Feature: Buddhism and Christianity in Dialogue

Introduction: Contributions to Dialogue
(Michael Pye) 1

Buddhist-Christian Roundtable Discussion
(Inoue Takami, Alan Race et al.) 5

Suffering, Liberation, and Fraternity: A Buddhist-Christian Dialogue
(James L. Fredericks and Noriaki Ito) 33

Symposium: Pure Land Faith—Christian Faith
(Gerhard Marcel Martin, Kadowaki Ken, and Kigoshi Yasushi) 43

Nonduality in the Vimlakīrti-nirdeśa: A Theological Reflection
(Joseph S. O’Leary) 63

Emptiness and Liberation in the Pure Land: A Reconsideration of the Views of A sanga and Wonhyo
(Achim Bayer) 79

Kūkai’s Epitaph for Master Huiguo: An Introduction and Translation
(Ronald S. Green and Chanju Mun) 139

Book Reviews
Hwansoo Ilmee Kim
Empire of the Dharma: Korean and Japanese Buddhism, 1877-1912
(Mican Auerback) 165

Jose Kuruvachira
The Philosophical and Theological Aspects of Interreligious Dialogue: A Catholic Perspective
(Michael Pye) 171

Ernest M. Valea
Buddhist-Christian Dialogue as Theological Exchange: An Orthodox Contribution to Comparative Theological
(Michael Pye) 175

James Baskind and Richard Bowring, eds
The Myōtei Dialogues: A Japanese Christian Critique of Native of Native Traditions
(Michael Pye) 179

Kirita kiyohide (1941-2016) 185
Miyuki Mokusen (1928-2016) 186

Yasutomi Shin’ya (1944-2017) 191

46-2 (2015)
Frontispiece: Relief Sculpture of Śākymuni Buddha

The Huayan Philosophers Fazang and Li Tongxuan on the “Six Marks” and
the “Sphere of Edification”
(Seunghak Koh) 1

On “Art in the Dark” and Meditation in Central Asian Buddhist Caves
(Angela F. Howard) 19

Redefining the “Dharma Characteristics School” in East Asian
Yogācāra Buddhism
(Sumi Lee) 41

The City of Nirvāna: Conceptions of Nirvāna with Special Reference to
the Central Asian Tradition
(Hiromi Habata) 61

Views and Reviews
A Plop! Heard “’Round the World”
(James Austin) 85

Book Reviews
John Kieschnick and Meir Shahar, eds
India in the Chinese Imagination: Myth, Religion, and Thought
(Max Deeg) 117

Christoph Kleine
Der Buddhismus des Reinen Landes
(Thomas Siebert) 127

Ole Holten Pind and Esben Andreasen
Theravada-buddhismen: Introduktion og tekster
(Michael Pye) 129

Peter Schwieger
The Dalai Lama and the Emperor of China: A Political History of the Tibetan Institution of Reincarnation
(Vladimir Uspensky) 131

Yasutomi Shin'ya (1944-2017) 139

47-1 (2016)
Frontispiece: Painting of Water-moon Avalokiteśvara

Shifting Contexts of Faith: The Cult of Maitreya in Middle and Late Silla
(Richard D. McBride II and Insung Cho) 1

The Moon Reflected in the Water: The Miraculous Response of Avalokiteśvara in
“Water-moon Avalokiteśvara Paintings” of the Goryeo Dynasty
(Kang Soyon) 29

A Reexamination of the Influence of Kumārajīva’s Thought on His Translation of
the Vimalakīrtinirdeśa
(Fan Muyou) 57

Zen and the “Hero’s March Spell” of the Shoulengyan jing
(George A. Keyworth) 81

Book Reviews
Jeffrey Samuels, Justin Thomas McDaniel, and Mark Michael Rowe, eds.
Figures of Buddhist Modernity in Asia
(Peggy Morgan) 121

Paul Trafford. Thursday’s Lotus: The Life and Work of Fuengsin Trafford
(Michael Pye) 123

Akiko Takenaka. Yasukuni Shrine: History, Memory, and Japan's Unending Postwar
(Takashi Yoshida) 124

Ulrich Timme Kragh. Tibetan Yoga and Mysticism: A Textual Study of the Yogas
of Nāropa and Mahāmudrā Meditation in the Medieval Tradition of Dags po
(Alexander K. Smith) 129

A Tribute to Professor Luis O. Gómez (1943-2017) 133