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Michael Pye


John LoBreglio

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Naoko Fujieda

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Michael Conway

Takami Inoue

Tomomichi Nitta

Advisory Board

Galen Amstutz
(Institute of Buddhist Studies)

Mark L. Blum
(University of California, Berkeley)

Max Deeg
(University of Wales at Cardiff)

Thomas P. Kasulis
(Ohio State University)

Yasushi Kigoshi
(Otani University)

Robert F. Rhodes
(Otani University)

Masahiro Shimoda
(University of Tokyo)

About the Journal

The Eastern Buddhist carries articles on all aspects of Buddhism as well as English translations of classical Buddhist texts and works by modern Buddhist thinkers. This unique journal was begun in 1921 under the editorship of D. T. Suzuki. Although its publication was interrupted by World War Two, The Eastern Buddhist (New Series) was revived in 1965. After Suzuki's death in 1966, the journal was continued under the editorship of Nishitani Keiji (1900-1990), Abe Masao (1915-2006), and other scholars. From 1998 to 2005 Nagao Gadjin (1907-2005) served as the editor.

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Submission Guidelines (PDF)

Submissions should be sent by email to the following address: ebs@otani.ac.jp

Each document should be attached in both Word and PDF files.

This address may also be used for any questions regarding submissions.


1921-1958 (Original Series) 1965-2000 (New Series) 2000-present (New Series) Translation Index Back issues of The Eastern Buddhist are available online to the subscribers of the ATLA serials.

Eastern Buddhist Voices series

A five-volume series collecting articles from rare issues of The Eastern Buddhist in commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the journal.
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